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Network Traffic Analysis for DDoS Detection with Python


This project is aimed at analyzing network traffic to detect potential Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. The focus of the project is to utilize Python’s capabilities in processing and analyzing packet data captured from a network, identifying anomalous behaviors that could indicate a DDoS attack.

Project Overview:

This project is built upon Python, leveraging its libraries and frameworks to analyze network traffic data. It is encapsulated within a script, comprising several functions critical for parsing network data, identifying potential security threats, and providing statistical insights into network traffic patterns. To ensure the reliability and functionality of the code, I have also included a testing script,, which performs unit tests on the custom functions defined in

Project Files and Their Functions:

Theoretical and Practical Implications:

The project is built on the idea of network security and analyzing traffic patterns to detect anomalies. DDoS attacks are difficult to identify because of the overwhelming amount of traffic.

Installation and Dependencies

To run this project, you must have Python installed on your machine along with several pip installable libraries. Below are the installation commands for the required libraries:

pip install pyshark

pip install pytest